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Tuesday, 06 July 2010 08:20

Staffs are the main body of the enterprise, The stability of the staff or not directly related to the whole enterprise production and development, WONDERFUL company focuses on this point。As the system continuously detailed and in-depth, maintenance staff legitimate rights and interests, improve employee culture construction, increase the cohesion of the enterprise, all of these have the special and profound significance. WONDERFUL will not for spare capacity to deal that better.

WONDERFUL labour union was founded in August 2000, the union is consisted with two levels of organization, the labour union members and the labour union committee. Along with the development of our company, the number of staffs is growing continously, form 67 persons before up to more than 1500 persons now, the system of union is improving constantly. In order to enhance the identifikation and belonging, and fully supported by company, WONDERFUL labour union sticks to perform functions and obligation, basing on the overall interests of company, want to staff's wants, worry about staff's urgency, coordinates the relationship between staff and company, energetically try to gain the welfare, safeguard the rights and interests of staffs in salary and benefits. That has ensured the production and business operations going smoothly.

Wonderful Labour Union General Membership Meeting Wonderful Labour Union General Membership Meeting 2 Wonderful Labour Union General Membership Meeting 3 Wonderful Labour Union General Membership Meeting 4

On April 28, 2010, WONDERFUL labour union holded a meeting in staff canteen, in the meeting, the labour union chairman, Mr. GUANG, circulated the performance of our company on labour law, and the situation about union gaining the interesting for staffs on Social Endowment Insurance, employment injury insurance, medical care insurance, etc. All of that were meet the rules of labour law. Through this meeting, it adequately showed that the legal interest of staffs and enterprice were supervised effectively.