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The demand for industrial textiles is increasing PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 17 April 2011 22:14

Japan is China’s textile and garment products, mainly exported to one of the professional analysts believe that the earthquake will have on the export of temporary short-term impact, but in terms of annual exports of textiles, the earthquake generated by market volatility Qishi limited. From the industry perspective, the impact of the earthquake and tsunami further reflected in the short-term disruption of internal order delivery by sea transport and temporary delay of the order. Medium to long term, the industry is more bullish on Japan’s post-disaster needs of the textile and apparel products to purchase the upgrade. In addition, those higher proportion of export earnings in Japan’s textile and garment enterprises, short-term pressure will be negative, but the long-term demand will recover in the future may be driven by the post-disaster reconstruction to stimulate consumption. Heating machine.

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Advantages of Nonwoven Car Covers PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 20 June 2009 21:38

Now is atuo times, you or your family may be own one or more car, we love our dream car, don't you ? And do you know how to protect your vehicle from damage? yes, you must to maintain the powerplant termly, and moreover you must to protect it's skin, so your car need to wear a car cover. Sometime, our car is idled or parked outdoors, whereas, it can be very harmful to your vehicle's exterior and interior finish. A car (vehicle) cover helps to maintain your vehicle's precious shine, while keeping it feeling and looking new.

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Professional Nonwoven Factory PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 24 April 2009 00:47

Wonderful Nonwoven Company was found in 2000, up to now, we are the biggest nonwoven fabric factory, also the biggest and the most professional nonwoven products manufacturer in Guangdong, China. Our logo, "WEN DE FU" has been classified as the famous brand in Goungdong, China. We are not only manufacturing intermediate goods of nonwoven fabrics, but also producing final goods using spunbond nonwoven fabrics. As the leading enterprise manufacturer in China, we are the main supplier of spunbond nonwoven fabric, nonwoven products, disposable medical products and adult incontinence diapers.

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