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Sterilization Wrap
Sterilization Wrap

Sterilization Wrap

Sterilization Wraps are nonwoven fabrics (sms, smms, or smmms) which wrap the surgical pack or kit, and will go in for sterilization. the wrap feature as below:
High Barrier PropertyWonderful sterilization wrap is made with SMS/SMMS/SMMMS nonwoven fabric, it offers a high level hydrostatic head property and thus a high level protection against fluid and particles.
Good Air Permeability:Good air permeability is preserved, which is an important criteria for Ethylene Oxide Sterilization.
Low Shrinkage Rate:It has a very low shrinkage rate after steam sterilization process.
Excellent Machnical PropertiesIt has a strong resistance to tears and punctures.
Good DrapeabilityIt offers a cloth-like comfort and feel. It is extremely soft, drapeable and easy to work with.

Wonderful Sterilization Wrap Physical Properties:

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Nonwoven Fabric with 35gsm
Light Duty Wraps suiting for light trays, small linen packs, very small medical devices and instruments.

Nonwoven Fabric with 40gsm
Light Duty Plus Wraps suiting for light trays, small linen packs, very small medical devices and instruments.

Nonwoven Fabric with 45gsm
Regular Duty warp suiting for small packs, small linen packs and trays, small medical devices and small instruments.

Nonwoven Fabric with 55gsm
Medium Duty warp suiting for Packs, light basin sets, instruments, medical devices, linen packs and trays.

Nonwoven Fabric with 60gsm
Heavy Duty warp suiting for Large packs, large medical devices, basin sets and instrument trays.

Nonwoven Fabric with 70gsm
Heavy Duty Plus warp suiting for Heavy instrument sets and multiple basin sets.

Nonwoven Fabric with 75gsm
Super Duty warp suiting for Very large and heavy instrument sets that require extra strength.