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Nonwoven Fabric

Within more than 16 years of development, wich enables us to supply high quality PPSB, SMS, SMMMS nonwoven fabric and special treated fabrics to related industries. Responding to the increasing demand of innovative product along with the global appeals to environmental friendly, hygienic and medical products, we have been enhancing our production capacity, and strengthening our R&D ablity to best meet our customers' needs.
Wonderful Nonwoven is equiped with (1) SMMMS, (1) SMS, (1) SSS, (6) Spunbond nonwoven production lines for different applications. We manufacture nonwoven fabric with 100% virgin polypropylene chips, with an annual output of 40,000 metric tons.
Moreover, we have a lot of post processing devices with various funtion, they can manufacture compounded nonwoven materials, special treatment nonwoven, filterable nonwoven, elasticity and anti-skidding nonwoven, perforated nonwoven, etc. Our products are widely applied in hygiene, Medicine, protection and manufacture industry.

nonwoven-manufacturing-workshopSMMMS Nonwoven Manufacturing WorkshopSMS-nonwoven-workshop

Application of Nonwoven Fabrics

  • Medical & Hygiene: disposable medical products, diapers, personal healthcare products, sanitary nipkin;
  • Packaging and interlining: all kinds of shopping bags, store bags, gift wrapper, household appliance and interlining;
  • Cover: UV, insects,and frostbite resistance; widely applied as land covers, car covers and gardening insulations.
  • Excellent softness and drapeness
  • Nontoxic, anti-bacteria, and endurance of corrosion
  • Good Air-permeability and water-repellence
  • High level of tensile strength, and elongation rate
  • Excellent processing capability and heat stability

SMMMS nonwoven fabric