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Compounded Nonwovens

Compounded Materials

With coating,heat-sealed,hot-melt,or ultrasonic lamination,we can integrate different kinds of materials from two or multiple layers. With combination of different materials,we offer a wide variety of compounded products for you to choose from.

lamination compounded machine PE coating machine
  • Lamination Compounded Machine
  • PE Coating Machine
SFS—Nonwoven fabric+Breathable film+Nonwoven fabric
  • Three layers compounded SFS materila is our patent product. it is widely applied in surgical gowns, surgical drapes, coveralls and car covers.
  • Our SFS Coverall has been certified by State Drug Administration.
  • Polyethylene Film Coating
2-layer spunbond + film compounded material 3-layer spunbond + film + spunbond compounded material
  • 2-layer: spunbond + film material
  • 3-layer: spunbond + film + spunbond material
Compounded products outline
  • Nonwoven fabric + PE Film
  • Nonwoven fabric + PE Film + Nonwoven Fabric
  • Nonwoven fabric + Spunlace
  • Nonwoven fabric + Breathable film + Nonwoven Fabric
  • Nonwoven fabric + Cottony + Aluminium Film
  • Polyethylene Coating
  • Nonwoven fabric + melt-blown + Nonwoven Fabric
  • Nonwoven fabric + Aluminium Film
  • Airlaid fabric + PE Film
  • Stretch Film

Aluminium film and nonwoven welding by   Ultrasonic

PE film and nonwoven welding by Ultrasonic
  • Aluminium film and nonwoven welding by Ultrasonic
  • PE film and nonwoven welding by Ultrasonic

absorbent compounded material of medical application

absorbent compounded   material of medical use
  • PE film + absorbent compounded material for medical application
  • PE film + hydrophilic nonwoven compounded material for Medical