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Nonwoven Fabric for Hygiene Industry

Nonwoven for Hygiene

Wonderful Nonwovens equips with advanced SMMMS, SMS and SSS nonwoven production lines and fully closed nonwoven production workshops with annual output of nonwoven fabric of 40,000 metric tons. Within 16 years experience in nonwoven production, Wonderful Nonwovens have been offering our customers the first- class hydrophobic SMS, hydrophilic, perforated, super soft and elastic spunbond nonwoven fabrics for different hygiene applications. They are especially widely applied in production of feminine napkins and diapers. We are definitely a reliable supplier for nonwoven fabric as we have specialized laboratories set up within different production workshops, providing in time and in-process control of each lot of the fabric produced. Our strong and market-oriented R&D team keeps developing useful and unique new products, which keeps Wonderful Nonwovens ahead in the industry.

3D perforated nonwoven fabric for sanitary   towel hydrophilic nonwoven fabric for diaper or   sanitary towel Compounded nonwoven for   diapers back sheet
3D Acquisition Distribution Layer Nonwoven Fabric Hydrophilic & Soft Nonwoven Fabric for diaper or sanitary pad Compounded nonwoven for diapers back sheet
  • SMS Nonwoven Fabric(15g-100g/m2,16.000MT/Year): Widely applied as leg cuff with high barrier property, preventing side leakage.
  • Nonwoven Front Tape(45g-70g/m2,5,000MT/Year): A laminated nonwoven fabric with ultrasonic welding. The fabric has a great tensile strength. Fancy printing is available as per demand.
  • Nonwoven Left & Right Waist Tape(50g-120g/m2,30,000MT/Year): It fits you better with greater tensile strength in combination with comfort to touch.
  • Nonwoven Fabric for Elastic Waistline:Better fitness, greater tensile strength and more comfortable to touch.
  • 3D ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer) Nonwoven Fabric(20g-40g/m2,20,000MT/Year):Fast liquid distribution; low re-wet rate; clean and dry on the fabric surface.
  • 3D Perforated Nonwoven Fabric(Diaper & Feminine Napkin Top Sheet):3-dimensional perforation technology; fast liquid distribution and hydrophilic ability; soft hand-touch feeling
  • Super Soft Nonwoven Fabric(Backsheet lamination)(14g-20g/m2,20,000MT/Year):Widely applied as diaper bottom sheet, laminated with film. The fabric has a good barrier property, providing extra care to delicate skin.
  • Hydrophilic & Soft Nonwoven Fabric(12g-25g/m2,30,000MT/Year): Widely applied as top sheet of diaper/feminine napkin with high absorbent ability in combination with extra softness for delicate skin.
  • Hydrophilic Nonwoven Outer Wrap Material: An improved alternative for diaper outer wrap material with greater tensile strength, compared with paper wrap material.
  • Aromatic, Tea Seed Oil or Aloe Vera nonwoven(12-260g/m2,30,000MT/Year): Applied as diaper / feminine napkin top sheet for functional and value added products.


Hydrophilic non-woven fabric Perforated nonwoven fabric Supersoft nonwoven fabric Elastic nonwoven fabric
Hydrophilic Non-woven Fabric Perforated Nonwoven Fabric Supersoft Nonwoven Fabric Elastic Nonwoven Fabric